The Number One U.S. Export To China: Waste Paper And Scrap Metal

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nutmeg, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I watched a documentary that said 50% of all computers around the world go to China for waste, 50%%%%%%%%%%

    That's insane!
  2. I saw that too. What annoys me is we dismantle factories and ship the metal to China. I begin to wonder, years ago gov't started mining landfills who knew the metal was going overseas.
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    Again I guess its cheaper to ship the metals overseas and have it done thousands of miles away then have it done right here in the US....

    Ever hear of ship breakers? Located in India, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.
  4. One ton of recycled computers fetches over $10K in precious metals.

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  5. I was watching this documentary on all those computers that go to china (I think it was with Lisa or Laura Ling) The place looked like it was straight out of the terminator future. They said the polution was so bad there and all the people that were doing the recycling, you could tell that there was something not right with them. Like the polution had affected their brains already.
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    Of course, check out Manufactured Landscapes, its a really good documentary.....

    I can just imagine the amount of mercury in those computer monitors they take in.