The Number One Growth Industry In the US

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  1. Lawsuits....Legal Largesse

    Why not just let the lawyers and politicians live in the US, and the rest find their own way through true globalization ?

    Seems like this is one of the few choices anyway.
  2. Many professions have seminars to brainstorm ideas. For example, Doctors will hold conferences to explore new methods of cancer treatment.

    Trial lawyers have symposiums on how to extract more dollars via lawsuits and litigation from deep pockets.

    Drum roll... todays opening speaker will discuss pharmaceuticals and side effects. woo woo. Or how about asbestos, now that is an expensive ad click word.

    After lunch:

    We'll have an updated slide show from the Bar associations "Slip and Fall Museum" containing time honored favorites such as ladders, mops and new bi-lingual wet floor signs.