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  1. "Cargill, a US-based multinational food company, was refusing to produce rice for the regulated price market. Chavez therefore announced on Wednesday the nationalisation of the company. This is a step in the right direction, but now the rest of the food industry should be nationalised under workers' control." Chavez stressed that "we will not allow these sectors to continue fooling the people. This government is here to protect the people, not to protect the bourgeoisie, nor the rich of this country."

    NBC: Toy-Banning San Francisco 'Deserves Their Own Toy' for Playing Food Police
    By Tim Graham | November 07, 2010 | 10:21

    On Thursday's Today on NBC, Matt Lauer lined up two experts to praise the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for voting 8-3 to ban toys in kids' meals that don't meet nutritional standards set by the city. Kids would only get a toy if the meal has less than 600 calories with reudced, sodium, fat, and guar. It must include a fruit and vegetable. Supervisor Eric Mar was quoted: “An as a father and legislator, I think we need to be creative in addressing the childhood obesity crisis in this country.” Correspondent Amy Robach also found critical parents. But NBC's designated experts – their own nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom and diet-book author David Zinczenko -- were unanimous:
    In fact, San Francisco is "banning the toy," at least at fast-food joints. Then Lauer started getting silly with the incentives:
    Lauer and his experts never considered how it's weird that California can't enforce a law that bans a minor from buying an ultraviolent video game since it violates free speech -- that was argued Tuesday at the Supreme Court -- but the same liberals would pull the toys away from tots.