The NT performance on the PATS servers

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by electron, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Recently, there have been some complaints about the Trademaven peformance on the PATS servers, the J-Trader has never had a very good repution as far as I can tell, but somehow I have not read anything (good or bad) about the Ninja Trader performance on the PATS servers. I am considering NT for my trading platform with Flash Futures, but since its data is fed through the PATS servers, I am somewhat reluctant to choose it and would first go with CQG Trader. Nevertheless, I would like to hear from those using NT with the PATS data feed, so that I can make a more educated decision and perhaps give NT some chance in the future.

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    Hi Electron,

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  3. Truff


    STAY AWAY from PATS feeds, trust me!!!!
  4. saico


    I'm with Global Futures using Ninja on Pats for a couple months now and never had problems with anything. Solid feed and fast executions. Yesterday I lost connection for 30 seconds caused by an ISP problem while I was in a trade. After the connection was back (ISP+Pats) I wasn't able to close the position thru NT although NT displayed live quotes, but did not take and transmit orders to the exchange.

    I'm also interested to know how is your experience regarding automated cancellation of working bracket orders like stop limit orders after closing a position. Did anyone ever experience any problems with NT here? Much thanks in advance!

  5. Truff


    Ninja now offers TT connectivity so there is no reason to use PATS anymore. The TT gateway is more reliable without question. Will cost you a slight execution charge but PATS does as well.
  6. saico


    Thanks for the recommendation, Truff! I will ask my broker next week.

  7. duard


    Truff, thanks for the info. BTW what is the charge for the TT gateway?
  8. Truff


    TT charges .20 per RT to the FCM. Most of the FCM's will mark that up to .50 per rt to cover their costs of running the technology, which is understandable. Ninja also offers charting by Esignal in their package. This should be a really nice package. Its still in beta testing from what i know but it should be live shortly.
  9. saico


    Global charges the same costs per side for J-Trader, hope they will atleast keep that level for TT feed. Esignal will offer a discounted rate for all Futures exchanges of 30$ +exchange fees to all NT customers. According to the NT support staff that offer should be available in in the beginning of next month.
  10. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    As far as I know, TT does not charge $0.20 per RT to the FCM. NT does have a $0.20 TT licensing fee per RT for use of the static SuperDOM. The dynamic SuperDOM does not have this charge.

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