The NRA Stands Tall vs. Bloomberg

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  1. Thank god for the NRA. I don't want somebody's "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" running a government agency - in this case, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. That's my knee jerk reaction - and it should be yours. :D

    NY Post has been covering the hilarious fiasco:

    February 4, 2006 -- Mayor Bloomberg is snubbing President Bush - declining to show up at a White House gala after his gal pal's bid for a top Washington job was shot down by the National Rifle Assocation.

    The mayor's cold shoulder comes just three days after The Post reported that Taylor's expected White House nomination to head the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. had been shot down by the NRA.


    February 2, 2006 -- Two congressmen yesterday blasted the "insane" and "disgusting" way the National Rifle Asso ciation killed the ap pointment of Mayor Bloomberg's girl friend to a top fed eral post.
    "It is simply in sane that someone as qualified as Diana Taylor would be pre vented from serving our na tion by the most reactionary and zealous force in Washington — the NRA," Rep. Anthony Weiner said.

    Added Rep. Jerrold Nadler: "What a disgusting thing to do."

    The congressmen, who are both New York City Democrats, were reacting to the disclosure that the...
  2. Ricter


    Lmao, clever. I nearly posted a link to an outline of presidential cronyism, and the seminally pervasive form Bush practices, then realized you're playing with us. Bravo!