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  1. This guy was last discussed about a year ago:
    What bothers me is that he is so hung-up on this concept of mean-reversion using the 5 period EMA.
    But he has no backtesting results and no actual trading results using his "concept".
    How does he know the 5 period EMA is any better than the 7, 10, or 13 period EMA's ?
    I mean at one point in time the concept looks good......but I think not in whipsawing there is definitely a trend component to this. Plus the fact that he does not account for or adjust for volatility makes me wonder.
    I'd love to backtest this thing, but what are the exact entry and exit rules ?
  2. The best concept is to let the market do its thing.You can`t do better then market.
  3. Dumbest thing I've read today. Trading like that will smoke your account.
  4. Yep - I think he has no idea of how to use his indicator or even how effective it is.
  5. he is talking cruise ship trading we are all doing speed boat trading.

    his thing is legit for institutions that trade that way, it's just not applicable for individuals.
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    And he gets paid to come up with it, and gets paid no matter which way the calls go. That is the criminal part of it all.
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    Wow - Indeed Peter Brandt is alive a well.
    I believe his statement "not having a position is a position" stupid.
    It's like a batter going up to the plate with the attitude "no taking a swing is a swing".
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