The Noob's Delusion

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  1. (No need for old hands to read this. I am just aggravated at the foolishness of noobs asking for a handout. "Hi! I'm new to trading! Can you tell me what works?" Every day there is at least one such at the very top of the Trading forum, usually sporting bad English. So rather than vent my spleen at their ignorance every time and frustrate myself typing the same old familiar diatribe over and over, I'm making a place I can send them to, ever so helpfully, of course. So read no further, real traders.)

    Trading is not like anything you have ever attempted before. In fact there are NO parallels with ANYTHING else. Not games. Not gambling. Not physics. Not mathematics. And most emphatically NOT with whatever profession or lack thereof you are coming here from in search of an escape to fast and easy wealth.

    In YOUR world, people generally are helpful. That's because almost everyone you know is mediocre at best and has nothing to lose by sharing. I make a pretty mean blood orange martini. Wanna know how I do it? Sure! I'll tell you. I know there's no way I make the world's BEST blood orange martini. Want me to teach you some basic conversational French? Sure! Only me and maybe 500 million other people know how to do that.

    You wanna know how to make money trading? Wanna learn in one minute what it cost me and others here years of study and trial and error and humiliation and loss to learn? Wanna share in our severely limited pool of profit potential with no effort expended? Wanna go from mediocrity to genius instantly?

    Would you knock on Jennifer Anniston's door and ask ger to get laid? Would you walk up to the cockpit on your next flight and ask to fly the plane? Would you go in the hospital and ask to borrow an OR to operate on yourself? No? Then don't ask US for a handout!

    We'll teach you how to approach trading. The psychology of trading. Who not to listen to. How to spot a phony. What mistakes not to make. But no one here who is truly successful will tell you ANYTHING specific about a profitable method. And beware anyone here who claims they will. They're guaranteed to be frauds. Or worse.
  2. Good post Joe. And not a single mention of you know who. Good stuff my man :)
  3. Thanks, Rodion. Please feel free to add to my rant. I'm sure I missed something, being a mediocre trader myself.
  4. I think you said it very well.

    Now how about revealing that blood orange martini recipe :)

  5. Hell yeah I want to get laid by Jennifer Anniston!! Seriously, to the new guys paper trade your brains out when you are consistent in your methods, trade live with small amounts then scale up. Don't go to any trade rooms, get rich courses, or use black box systems. There is no short cut but there are lots of humbling experiences along the way.
  6. makin a trade in the forex today,
    takes everything you got...

    takin' a break from all your e-mini's
    sure would help alot...

    wouldn't you like to get away...

    sometimes you wanna go,
    where everybody knows your name....
    and the ETsob's are always glad you came...

    you wanna be where you can see,
    the post replies are all the same,
    you wanna be where everybody knows your name...

    you wanna go where people know
    the noobs are all the same,
    you wanna go where everybody knows your trade...

    (my first reflection on being an ET noob)
  7. Redneck


    Amen Sir
  8. Our society today knows how to think perfectly when they are told what to think about. It is afterall the most passionless way to be successful. However when people all of a sudden have to be dependant upon themselves to come up with ideas and formulas they become lost because they have been told their entire lives what to do and how to do it.
  9. I agree with Joe in principle. Got no problem putting in the work.

    In my opinion random chance plays a big part in our lives, more than we might want to believe.

    By chance I read Proflogic's thread.....I had no clue...asked for permission to use the indicator....he said yes.....I asked a couple of questions and did the leg work myself.....I am not the sharpest guy in world...but I made it work (so far anyway) and I am making some small (just added my third contract).

    Now if things keep going as they have been, I don't need to ask anyone's help but if I did...I would do it just the same way....straight up....can you help me....if not can you point me in the right direction...I'll do the rest.....and thanks.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with that...its a straight up transaction....and if I have the chance to reciprocate I will do it (Prof if you are reading this, I am glad to return the favor).

    Where I come from, that is how a person acts...a real person...not the freaks that masquerade as humans on this site.

    and finally, what makes me laugh is the self apppointed sherrifs deciding who the white and black hats are.....what a bunch of self righteous assholes.

    My advice to newbies like myself is get what you need, keep a hold of your wallet, and get out as soon as possible. Thats what I intend to do.
  10. Trading is not a business, it is a war. It is the ultimate business, in it, you can't trust anyone but yourself, and your capital is your soldiers, there is not any instant gratification, you either love it or hate it. Eventually, people hating this game left.

    You only need patient and money management to survive each battle you chose to fight. If you are small, you take gorillafight. when you are big enough, you may take advantage of disinformation operation by appearance on tv shows. It just like any other war.
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