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    Which is the most reliable non-trading desk brokerage for news trading.
  2. How big of a ticket? What pair(s)?
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    $1000 and Eur/Usd, Eur/Pbd, Usd/Jpy, Usd/Cad
  4. Minimum usually is $100.000, you might find some with $10.000 lots though.

    Also I don't know if you'll find one for eur/pbd, I don't even know what PBD is, maybe you meant the british pound?
  5. .

    Don't bother with Oanda if you want to trade news, this screenshot is 15 minutes after data, they're 60 pips behind the market on Gbp/Jpy! (Oanda quotes are on the right)


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  7. Don't know what you mean, sorry.
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    So, of course, you clicked Sell on Oanda and Buy on CMC, thereby instantly locking in a risk-free 52 pips, or nearly £2500/Mio. Right?
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    I saw some people in the forum talking, that if you have a position open and you set stop loss at certain exchange rate, brokarage can see for how many pips you are aiming or planning to close your position and they can play against you. So do you think if you monitor prices or market yourself instead of placing stoploss on the position, you have better chances of exposure to real market prices.
  10. Now that would have been nice, unfortunately Oanda aren't that stupid, they manipulate price but not for our benefit :)
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