The Nine step on how they do sudduku

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  1. 1) Take sequencial Integers from 1 to 9
    2) Place them in any order you like in one raw
    3) copy the Raw and paste it Into A1 Cell
    4) You have a new Solution of a Sudduku
    5) Copy the Sudduku into another Sheet Use PasteSpecial Values (Twice at Different places and call them S & P)
    6) Erase the numbers from Randomly selected Cells From The P Sudduku
    7) P = Problem Sudduku
    8) S = Solution for it
    9) Now that you know How…then Learn Guitar by going to my page and Never play Sudduku
    Note: Raws 2 to 9 are Uniqe anyways From the intial Raw copy any of those raws into A1 Cell and you get another

    Download Excel file attached and make thousands
  2. another usefull thingy i think

    So what is a fair wage?...Check this out

    This Based on the Poisson distribution (the universe of numbers).
    It is mathematically proven more then 200 years ago.

    (Income in natural way, not politicians)

    No one can be 12 times as strong as the weakest.
    No one can be 12 times as smart as the dumbest.
    No one should make 12 times as the poorest.

    This will make the wage reforms a thing of yesterday.
    (Just Excel sheet and well thought of method)

    Select your country -- You get minimum and maximum wage
    Select your status info -- You get what you should be paid in your country.
    File attached…Simple
    If you are paid less then the minimum wage…then that country has issues in wages.

    I hate politicians.
    They never do anything right