The Nikkei

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  1. The Nikkei futures last traded in Chicago on Friday at 10,005.

    "The Nikkei may trade between 9500-10,000 for the coming days, with an immediate support level seen at its 200-day moving average of 9840," said Nomura's Iwasawa. The Nikkei fell 8 percent in the first five days after the 1995 earthquake that devastated Kobe and its vicinity. But it rose 5 percent during the next 10 days, therefore history suggests that this earthquake will not likely derail the whole economy."
  2. whats limit down on Nikkei?
  3. Butterball


    Nick Leeson anyone?
  4. Blue suit, brown shoes.
  5. ?
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    That was my first thought too. The '95 Kobe earthquake took his position down, I wonder how many similar rouge traders exist today....