The Nigerians are watching...

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    land of scams and scammers
    ya, i'm talking about you, Nigerian, who's reading this
  3. If you are from Nigeria, please contact me as I know of a hedge fund, run by cousin that gets 100%+ a year for the last 10 years but because he is too lazy to register it with the authorities only friends can get in.

    If you send me your bank account information, routing number, etc, I will personally for a small fee, allow you to invest a minimum of $10000 euros in it.

    The fund is based in Boca Raton so you know it is run by smart people.

    I look forward to getting your information.

    Sorry Americans, because of complex regulations, only Nigerians are allowed to invest in this manner.

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    Elitetrader's equivalent

    with such topics as:
    Snail Farming: Need Advice
    Can Someone Teach Me How To Bake Cake?
    Invest $10,000 For 25% Monthly Profit
    Use Your PayPal Acct to Purchase Something for Me
    Earn 50% Interest On Your Investment Capital Every 2 Weeks
    Do Nigerians Make Money Legally On The Internet?
    Beware Of Financial Crisis Email Scams
  5. It makes sense in a way. Those scum are always looking for people with money to scam off. But they're too stupid to realize that traders are generally more intelligent with money than average Joes.

    For example, I recently sent $1500 for shared rights to a abandoned diamond mine in Africa.... the person on the email offered me 25% of proffits, but I haggled it up to an agreement that I get 50% ...... hee hee hee hee hee :D

    You have to out wit these people :D
  6. Cool website run by a guy who jacks these scammers around with some hilarious pictuers of what he got scammers to do.
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  8. Best watch out what you download from ET. Could be spyware in it.