The NFL is back!

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree, the lions should be competing for a playofff spot by next year.

    The patriots are going to be insanely good thids year o next year again as well, they basically got to draft for two teams this year.
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  2. oddsman


    What little mystique they had leftover from the thrashing the Ravens gave them in the playoffs in their own backyard a few years ago, the Jets erased last year when they handed them their asses at home in the playoffs. Maybe they put together another decent year and win 13 games or so. They still have to beat or dodge 5 playoff teams who can beat them any given sunday (or saturday) plus probably one surprise team. When was that last superbowl, Billl? 2004? All that camera nonsense was probably overblown, but you keep coming short in big game after big game since the nfl took away your camera.
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  3. I think (and hope) we will show some improvements this year, but still 1-2 more drafts away from filling the holes.

    In H&H we trust. Either they got it right or we'll just repeat the process again... So far, very happy with Heckert's drafts.
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  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Patriots just picked up Albert Haynesworth for a 5th, and basically they only have 1 year of guaranteed money left on the contract since it was all front end loaded, should be a pretty good line with wilfork and haynseworth, If Haynesworth decides to actually play hard, if not they took a shot, and lost a 5th round pick for him.

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  5. oddsman


    I don't know how the NE front office does it
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yep, they are one of the best in the league at making deals, they picked up randy moss a few years ago for a 5th round pick, got arguably his best 3 years of his career out of him, then traded him away to the vikings for a 3rd round pick once he was washed up.

    I hate the patriots, but you got to respect Belichick, for some of the moves he has pulled off.
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  7. First rule for GMs. Never do a deal with Belichick, Andy Reid or Parcells. You don't want to be buying what they're selling or vice versa.

    Any deal the Redskins want to do, grab it.
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  8. Lornz



    Only idiots play football with their hands... :D
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  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Rex Ryan is starting to make his way onto that list to, he got Braylon Edwards for almost nothing, LT for almost nothing, and Santonio Holmes for a fifth.

    They may not be as big of deals as Belichick but guys still seem to want to perform for Rex Ryan.

    Still choked that the steelers gave Holmes away.
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  10. Did you guys know Billy B learned all his stuff while in Cleveland?

    Too bad he was a prick while here and the press feasted on him.
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