The Nexus among White Supremacists, Unvaccinated COPs, Trump?

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    The strange phenomenon of Trump-inspired politicization of vaccination against a virus ("the China virus"), his veiled, but consistent, praise and encouragement for white supremacist groups ("stand down and stand by"), and his steadfast refusal to condemn them, may have a nexus in America's major metropolitan police forces.

    We have learned that the American Klu Klux Klan intended to infiltrate the police with white supremacists, and evidence of this infiltration has surfaced in major police departments. Are the Cops in Chicago, where the police Union has instructed their members to resist vaccination, self-identifying themselves as white supremacists when they refuse vaccination? If the above nexus exists, then they may be! There are over 3K cops in Chicago refusing to be vaccinated and apparently they are going to be placed on unpaid leave, according to this morning's news. A very similar situation seems to be developing in Baltimore.

    Will this prove a blessing, as it might enable our big city police forces to first identify, then purge their ranks of white supremacists? We may discover that a smaller force of good cops is better than a much bigger force of ~30% closet white supremacists.
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    What does one have to do with the other. It was Trump who decided to vaccinate us out of the pandemic.
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    What pandemic? It disappeared, like a miracle, right?
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    The trump administration did contract to purchase vaccines once the Pandemic was full blown. The first vaccine did not become available until 30 days before the Biden Administration took over. We had no significant vaccination program underway until after Biden took over. Biden announced vaccination goals. The first goal was achieved ahead of schedule.

    You'll recall the Trump administration decided initially to do practically nothing in the way of national coordination and instead decided to leave key decisions up to the States. This resulted in inefficient, ineffective, piecemeal chaos, avoidable deaths and lost time.. Trump also put Mike Pence, someone totally unqualified, in charge of our Pandemic response.

    Let's be honest, Under the Trump administration the states had to compete against the federal government for supplies the Government stockpiled and then favored some states over others in letting go of supplies. It was the President's son in law who famously said , "Those are our Ventilators." It was the Trump administration that edited CDC communications, second guessing and watering down CDC recommendations. It was Trump who referred to the Pandemic as a "hoax". It was Trump that promoted and announced he was taking hydroxychloroquin (an obvious lie). All of this and much more idiocy from the Trump administration is part of the public record and very easily confirmed.

    Only after the pandemic was worsening out of control did the Trump administration finally step up to the plate and start working somewhat constructively with the states and suppliers. It was also the Trump administration that dismantled every possible Obama administration initiative that they could, including dismantling the Special Office set up by the Obama White House specifically to head off pandemics and coordinate counter measures. You will recall well that Trump was obsessed with disparaging anything that Obama did. He still is!
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    great minds and all that...

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