The next war in Afghanistan and Iran

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  1. The new war in Afghanistan and Iran has just begun, but not to fight terrorists, but to fight opium farmers.

    The main producer is Afghanistan, but they may easily cross the lenghty and desertic border into Iran. They are extremely well armed and brave, and may easily hide into mountain caverns.

    This war may last years, if not decades, as most of their production is self-consumed, see:,1284,1094035,00.html
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    Until the opium trade is legalized, there is absolutely no hope of victory in Afganistan.

    But it seems the US rather wants to continue killing people than to legalize drugs.
  3. Legalizing drugs would create a few problems but: it would solve a hell of lot more than it creates.
  4. It's all about Darwinism.

    We run into problems when the nation-state tries to protect the individual from a path of determined, personal destruction.

    Such policies are destined to fail.

    If you want to address it as effectively as possible, intense education at the pre-school and primary school levels is about as effective as you will get when it comes to nation-state spending on preventative measures to reduce the number of these human tragedies.

    Inform people at an early age of the consequences, show them the proof, and let them make their own decisions in life based on their own acumen and ability.
  5. Wrong speech and wrong thread.
    The Nancy Reagan forum is further down the page.

    Afghanistan flooding Easter Europe with zillions of tons of heroin...
    May not be looked upon kindly by EE governments.