The next two weeks full of earnings confessionals - We are done done done on the SPY

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  1. Thats it folks. Nothing to see here. The next two weeks will be full of earnings confessionals as one company after the other reports earnings much worse then expected. Then throw that in with other unexpected news like a natural disaster or terrorist attack. We might even have a few of those airlines go bankrupt to throw a little wrench into things.

    Everyday the SPY is going to get pounded down and we might even experience one of the much talked about Black days. I warned everyone here earlier of what is about to happen.

    I say it hits 1150 between June-October area on the SPX or 115 on our beloved SPY.

    The time to get out was today because, after today, the index will not get back to this point for years!!! Remember 2000-2002? How long did it take for that SPY to rebound to the break even point? A good few years.

    You were warned, I warned you that this is a short sellers market. You didnt listen. You gave me graphs showing how wrong I was then GE brought all good things to life for the shorts.

    Today will go down as Jack Stone day!!!
  2. Look at my chart!!! FEEL MY CHART!!!

    Price closed under the 20/50 day moving average. Very rarely do we ever see a triple bottom. Next week when all the companies report horrible earnings the little trap door will open up in the graph and the bottom will get taken out.

    Watch the magic trick as the bottom of the market gets taken out.
  3. That sums this thread up perfectly.

    So in addition to market prediction you are now claiming to predict natural disasters and/or terrorist attacks? Fuck are you related to Nostradamus?
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    you are now a homeland security suspect if anything happens next better pray nothing happens
  5. Hehe. I have faith in good ole W. We cant go a week without something crazy happening.

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    Well, i agree re the 1150 (or lower) target, but i think it's premature to say this is it, we are not going any higher. There will be plenty of fuel for short squeezes between now and the bottom, and then too Wall Street has to do some serious pumping so then can do some serious dumping. Get ready to hear the talking heads proclaiming this is a great buying opportunity for investors. Never mind the fact that we have got, at least, another 200 pts to shed from the S&P before its really over. And then we can look forward to many years of a bear economy. I wouldn't want to be working in a US, GM assembly plant right now! And i wouldn't want to be the next President who is going to step into some real deep doo doo.
  8. ....everyone knew this was coming.....

  9. How far do you think the market will go down? Maximum 1270 and than it stops on a dime.

    Feds and Treasury swat teams descend hijack this thing back to 1250 and let the bulls take it if they can. They will not let you own the Casino, get this out of your minds, you just place your bets and get out. They own the markets, its like picking a fight with US army on a linear battlefield- only to get decimated.
  10. its going to be all about the bank earnings next week.
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