the next step in my trading...?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by ebayuser, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. I have been at a plateu in my trading as of late. I have been consistent in being profitable, but I cannot seem to make the next step to making more money. Currently, I hawk a few stocks and scalp em pretty well, sometimes catching some of the bigger moves and making pretty good money. However, I want to start trading other stocks and carrying multiple positions. Are there any suggestions out there for some things that I should look at? I tend to like stocks that trade on a 5-10 cent spread, and trades anywhere from 150k to a million shares a day. I usually like stocks that have about a point to a point and half range....any ideas or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
  2. if you are not happy with what you are making, then you should concentrate on what you are making.
  3. and if you are not happy with your happiness, then you should concentrate on how happy you are.
  4. Therein lies the problem. You are not putting yourself where you could make a lot more money. Whenever I used to trade stocks intraday, I wouldn't touch any stocks under 1 mill in volume.