The next shoe to drop...GM said it wouldn't last till New Year's

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    "There isn't a Plan B," said Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson. "Absent support, frankly, the company just can't fund its operations." Without help, the company warned, "the company will default in the near term, very likely precipitating a total collapse of the domestic industry and its extensive supply chain, with a ripple effect that will have severe, long-term consequences to the U.S. economy."
  2. Oh well, fuck him and that whole worthless firm. Once it goes into liquidation, new entrepreneurs will step in, pick up what is worth value and create new companies.
  3. Gm will be bailed out and then huge rally in stocks$$
  4. that good news because it means more money for GM
  5. Pelosi has already said they will all get bailed out. It shouldn't be a surprise to the market when it happens. F and GM are already trading well off their lows.
  6. These guys beg for money, fly in to D.C. in private jets, and then idly threaten us with "total collapse". Go fuck yourselves is what I would say. Fuck you and your cars that rusted out while the Japanese made theirs better and longer lasting.

    p.s. Hey Fritzy boy---easy on how long you keep those fries in the oil. LMBO!!!
  7. um um this time they didnt take private jets, but drove to Washington instead.
  8. jsmith


    Big Three survival bailout requests rise to $34B

    The CEOs should cut their pay no matter if they get a bailout or not.
    They had many years to fix themselves instead of waiting until now.
    They should all go bankrupt and start over.
  9. let me get this straight, they fly in on private jets that cost 20 thousand per trip and ask for 25 billion, and get turned down

    now, they drive in and ask for 34 billion

    basicly, a 9 billion dollar car ride
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