The next MNCS (manchester inc)

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    I love their profile statement:

    Epic Capital Group, Inc. does not have significant operations. It plans to involve in the oil and gas business, and seeks to acquire an operating company. The company was incorporated in 1989. It was formerly known as San Juan Financial, Inc. and changed its name to Epic Capital Group, Inc. in May 2006. Epic Capital Group is based in The Woodlands, Texas.


    Check out the chart on PCU...excellent mover...I made quite a bundle off of it today but got out late in the day due to worries over the slowing volume on the daily chart.
  2. :p Too funny
  3. thx for the tip.
  4. I'm going to start a company. This will be my mission statement. It's a beautiful thing.

    "ByLoSellHi Capital Group plans to involve itself in finding the most valuable materials in the universe, thereby further planning on making all investors in the company gazillionaires."
  5. The way its moving up so slowly on such extremely light volume is sketchy. I can see how you can easily have two coordinated partys trading it back and forth hitting the ask up a few pennies every day. Then eventually the momo's take it off their hands.
  6. That probably wont happen till the volume picks up and the stock goes parabolic.

    The buyers are keeping it under the radar for now but more people will enter.

    The stupid thing though is that if you put your money in this you didn't lose money on Feb 27th...
  7. What's the rumor on EPCC? Manchester had a huge rumor going for it, thankfully based on factual elements but rumor nevertheless.
  8. For EPCC the 'rumor' is that they will become an actual company with revenues after the aquisitions in a similar manner as MNCS. EPCC is a shell company in the same sense MNCS was a shell company.


    What a great chart ...compared to all the volitility in the markets now. A penny a day. The hang seng could drop 500 points and this stock would be flat..bernake who??Interest rates? Jobs????

    Similar to when MNCS began its runup 2 years ago before it began going parabolic

    If we see another big selloff like on Feb 27th I may just say **** it and put 30K in this and see what happens.

    I made a lot of money with MNCS even after the mega selloff cause I bailed out on the first big drop.

    Here is some great news for EPCC


    There is potential here
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