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  1. I think I found it. I dont want to say it out loud here though. Look at yahoo and check out the second biggest gainer at 22 million in volume and they just announced advanced web 2.0 features?

    Something is up and it starts with an m, manipulation. How could Mama do 55 million in volume? The only other issues that outpaced them in volume was Ford and the Qs.

    I have a feeling this other one I am talking about that did 22 million in volume today which outpaced AMD will be the next one to go.
  2. Dude, I just dumped that stock this morning after buying at $1.98 yesterday. No kidding. Happy Holidays.
  3. Barrons could turn out the lights on these stocks with a small article.
  4. Hehe. It looks like an analyst just turned out the lights yesterday on them...
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    OMG! A 23% crash? That's like MNCS all over again.
  6. Give me more hints ! I can't find this stock :( .
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    ONSM had a nice move on thurs. support still needs to catch up from the 2.38 level.

    speaking of audio/video search engines, check out SOFO
    held pretty resilient even with the 3.75 secondary offering
  8. SOFO has been ramping up on the rumors that Microsoft is going to buy it out. This I see as a realistic deal as its a huge competitor with powerpoint.

  9. Use TradeIdeas and scan the RegSho list. They are starting to pick these stocks off as the regulators are forced to toe the line with Fed INvestigations happening.

    Most of the stocks discussed on ET like this are just short squeezes. Remember. You have fails, and xclearing fails. So, a stock could have a multiple of the reported short postition really short.

    Mama, Onsm, most of them were manipulated. Have at it.
  10. I would still like to know what is going on with these stocks. They move in huge numbers. Just like the stock mentioned in the title, like 500% on video search? All of these stocks should be looked into. Something smells funny.. After playing with NGA and SCT, I tend to stay away from stocks under 10 bucks.
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