The Next Great Mortgage Play: *AHM*

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by CalScholar, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Just shorted this one at 25.12. Should follow the path laid out for it by its peers (AKA NEW, LEND, NFI).
  2. Incorrect title. "Mortgage play of the day" is more accurate.
  3. Not a bad call. I might consider it. You see LEND today dump? You got out right?
  4. Don't remind me! :mad:

    Got out at 16.65.

    Volatility on AHM died pretty quickly. I'll hold for a while longer (stop at 15.25) in case a second attack is launched against it. Otherwise, wasted time and lost opportunities. :D
  5. I am going long AHM @ 25.06 right now.

    you can pay the dividend to me as a short! thanks.
  6. I won't be in this one long enough to pay your dividend, TR. Just hoping to shave 2-4% off the top and cover.
  7. ^ I'll be out by close of trading no matter what.
  8. oh come on Cal, don't be such a wuss!

    You sound like a scared short to me.

    If you are so sure its tanking, let it ride!
  9. Are you serious? Let's leave the grudges to the schoolgirls.

    I shorted this one expecting the volatility from yesterday's close and today's open to persist. That hasn't been the case. As I wrote earlier, I'll hold on in case that volatility resurfaces, but will readily cover if it doesn't.

    Good luck.
  10. SLOWLY but surely. I'm hoping AHM crashes through the day's low @ 24.60. Hopefully, the steam picks up a bit then. Time will tell.
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