The next enron - Xethanol

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  1. wow. That's pretty interesting.
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    That is pretty interesting stuff. However, I'm not sure about the credibility of the authors (but I'm not saying they are making this stuff up either).

    The chart appears that it has some momentum downward and one maybe able to ride that for a few more days. What maybe of a concern is that there may be a short squeze coming soon. This stock has fallin, I'm guessing, over 60% over the last few months and profit taking may start kicking in aggressively. In addition, sooner or later long holders will catch on and want to sell causing the shorts to be squezed. Perhaps, it maybe best to wait for the squeze.

    Who knows, maybe the reason this report was released now was to catch some suckers at the end so the authors can unload.

  3. The stock is almost impossible to borrow. The possibility of a short squeeze is minimal.
  4. Xethanol has options listed on it. Real traders will know how to use options to both hedge and speculate.
  5. this stock when otcbb was xthn if i remember correctly...traded it at times...wild rides.
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    Hum...I checked the short interest is only like 3.6% of float. So probably right about that although those figures are lagging but it doesn't look like that shouldn't have change much recently. It appears no one besides the insiders really have any equity interest to care if this thing goes down to zero. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens.

    I guess maybe since it is new to AMEX somehow that makes it difficult to find the shares to short. I think I read that the ticker symbol changed too. Clearly these shares exist somewhere to short.