The next consequence of Obama's weakness

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    The bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were recovered under a pile of rocks in a field in the West Bank. A local barber and a locksmith have gone missing and are presumed to have been involved.

    I noticed the Israeli predilection towards hitchhiking in asia, they are everywhere and pretty fearless about it. It just seems irrational for them to hitchhike through the West Bank but nevertheless this act has taken place and the outcome is pretty tragic.

    In my opinion several of the large adventures being undertaken by various countries like China in the Philippine Sea, ISIS (or the so-called Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria, and Russia in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine are a result of the perceived weakness of our president and the near-certainty that the United States will not intervene either militarily or diplomatically.

    Bibi is no exception.

    I suspect Israel is going to reoccupy Gaza and elements of their government are saying that openly. They've got a good reason to roll in now and they'll use the opportunity to try to clear out some of the thousands of rockets that have been stockpiled there. Those Gaza incursions almost always involve pounding southern Lebanon so they are going to catch hell too.

    They've also announced a total ban on prison releases of arab terrorists in perpetuity so basically all those Hamas guys scooped up this month aren't ever coming out of prison, ever. They are POWs now.

    They are going to rebury these kids, then mourn and then they are going to completely kick the shit out of Hamas.

    Obama's weakness might be encouraging the badguys to misbehave but that same weakness is going to allow Israel to take care of business. Hail to the Chief.