The next BS catalyst the media/governement will use to bolster rally

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  1. Drudge is running with this headline:


    We can be sure that the whoring media that works for the Dems will be pumping this story as if it is some kind of proof positive that everything is just oh so fine, and that we should all be thankful for the massive invasive and confiscatory economic policies being rammed (or having already been rammed) through the legislature.

    I was listening to Charlie Rose the other day on BB Radio, he was interviewing the economist from Harvard, Niall Fergison. Charlie was practically jumping out of his seat to beat down this man, attacking him as some kind of lone pessimist. At one point he challenged Fergison to name someone besides himself who agreed with him, so he rattled off 4 people. Charlie's response was, well they all think like you. Uhm, no shit nitwit, isn't that what you just asked him for? Examples of people who view the economic landscape just like him?

    I'm telling you, when the media is trying so hard to make us believe it's true, that's all the contrarian indication I need to know it sure as hell isn't true.
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    The state sales tax revenue numbers will tell the real story. They were down 6-10% YOY in November. Unless December was a killer sales month, total holiday sales should be down from last year, which sucked.
  3. State Sales Tax revenue is an excellent indicator of economic health and growth.

    People in financial distress either don't have money and are not spending or are spending what they have on things not subject to sales tax.... like food.

    When sales tax revenues pick up, it shows more people are working and spending on discretionary items.
  4. It's amazing how the MSM chimes in with the Leftist party spew.

    I used to like Rose.... but I've come to see him for his blind, Libtard bias...