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  2. But how much will it cost...
  3. Though far inferior to military EMP weapons, such things could indeed wreak havoc to electronics.

    Read in a magazine last year about some kids who rigged up an old microwave oven to shoot microwave radiation at cars blasting music too loud. The cars stalled and some sustained electronics damage.

    Side effect, the dumbshits radiated themselves and had to get treatment at the hospital. When asked how they got the radiation burns, they claimed the door to a kitchen microwave oven was damaged and they all stood in front of it fwhile waiting for popcorn to pop. Duh. The cops were called, who found the unit in their car with a huge DC-AC inverter. The kids were all 16, and were released pending trial, which turned out to be just assigning restitution.

    The only thing yet to be known is if they will be able to multiply. With such a display of intelligence, I hope not.
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    Cheaper than coal.
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  5. C'mon guys. ET is supposed to be dedicated to doom, gloom and Great Depression II right now. How dare you post potentially good news> :D
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    Don't forget New World Order, Amero, Rothchilds, treasury default, peak oil, WWIII, Skull & Bones, 911 inside job and any other conspericy theory.
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    Okay, if its the real deal. GREAT!

    Every other free energy inventor has been killed or disappeared.

    Be interested to see what happens.

    They get bought out, shelf the technology, its a rouse, hoax, etc.

    50 Trillion worth of oil in the ground and the powers that be are gonna let that go to 2$ a barrell??

    Lets see.
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    Actually, if you did some research, you'd discover its not theory. Nor conspiracy!

    Just public information buried and ignored by the press.

    How about Major General Smedly Buter.

    Know who he was?
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    Well, the best way to win WWIII is for this technology to really work, and oil goes to $2/barrel. It will crush all of the middle east...western civilization has many more industries to support our economy, while our oil companies die, unfortunately.
  10. Well Im extremely impressed...just finished reading the Last OIL Shock, which scared the bejesus out of me, so this makes me feel better:)
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