The next big bail out!

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  1. Consumers have racked up more than $2.2 trillion in purchases and cash advances on major credit cards in just the last year. And it's become a habit for them to spend more than they have. The overall credit card debt grew by 315 percent from 1989 to 2006, according to public policy research firm Demos.

    To compound the problem, fewer people are paying their credit cards bills on time. The percentage of people delinquent on their credit cards is the highest it's been in three years, according to

    With banks tightening their standards and the drumbeat of recession getting louder, there's no better time to grab control of your debt than now

    The next big bail out, Johnny 9-5 and his "Beverly Hills wana be" wife. The soccer moms on "pharm-drugs", the "Cubical Jockies" who drive their Bmws, the "Sheepole" who run out to charge a 60inch Flat screen.

    All these pathetic fucks will be bailed out, much like they are in the "Home" arena.

    It pays to be in debt, it pays to live beyond your means. Why... Because those that are successful have to PAY FOR YOUR FUCKING lack of "Financial Sense" you STUPID FUCKS.

    I digress:eek:
  2. Player Hater

    Don't hate the players, hate the game.

    They're all just following in the footsteps of Bush and crew - the gang that ran up an additonal 3.5 trillion debt. And the bankers - where's your "STUPID FUCKS" outrage on them?

    Them folks you bash are small potatoes.

    And wait for the overly leveraged hedge funds to go...

    We aint seen nuthin yet.

    As for me, I'm getting a gun to hunt next fall and dusting off my fishing gear for the Spring. Bring on the Striped Bass!

    Never thought my hobbies would turn out to be survival skills.

  3. Funny, I think buyers of equity's and the bulls are STUPID FUCKS!!! Maybe they are getting bailed out too?!?
  4. they are enjoying their picture perfect lives with 60" plasma and bmws all on loans. While you are grinding away in front of a monitor all day losing money to the market.

    So who really is the "stupid fucks" ?
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    hedge funds are small potatoes, look for investment banks, the evilest of all evil:D
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    It's that they're dumb, yet brag about how savy they are so long as they do get bailed out.

  7. Dear Fed,
    Please lower rates again to help those in debt.
  8. It works... until it doesn't.

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be. - William Shakespeare
  9. First, I don't "grind out" losses in front of a monitor day by day.

    I leave the daytrading to the ET fools who think they can trade with 5k in the "pot".

    I swing with a lot more capital in positions.

    Second, I agree, hunting, fishing will come in handy. However, I suck at fishing and I have never hunted.

    Yes, Wall Street is getting a bail out as well. You are correct. Discussion on M/A and IB guys to get paid by the hour, not the deal, is going on. There were a lot of fools in play.

    However, the bulk of the problem is with the Consumer and not "WALL STREET" as many of you socalistic Fools on ET would like one to believe.

    Shakespear was wise when it came to lending as in, Merchent Of Venace........