The "Next Bail Out"....Pension Losses Approaching $1 Trillion....

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    I can't argue with that, but i don't know that the assumption is correct. I do know that the problems with medicare and social security are fundamentally different and of a vastly different scale.

    It really is no wonder that there was horrible medical cost escalation subsequent to medicare being instituted. Imagine that we were to return to the days of the Rockefeller oil monopoly and the government decided to began a program of sudsidizing the cost of oil and gas for everyone over the age of 65, and Standard oil began to contribute millions of dollars to the election campaigns of US Representatives and Senators. Do you think the price of oil and gas would drop under those circumstances? I would think not. And so why would anyone expect the prices of the US Medical Cartel to drop under similar circumstances?

    If the US wants to lower the cost of medical care, and therefore of medicare, it will have to break the strangle hold of the AMA-AHA-FDA-Drug Company-Insurance Company Cartel. Until that happens, nothing will happen except continued price escalation.
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