The next Auto King may not be Toyota, GM or Ford

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by birdman, Aug 2, 2008.

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    Here's a few possibilites on the next auto king. It's often said the most expensive item consumers buy is housing. I never was sure about that. Seems transportation is higher for some. a Canadian company has a head start and trades on the TSX
    these numbers look opposite of Ford and GM's stock prices.
    Good article from GM-Volt on Zenn
    Business 2.0 did an article on what should be a major contender - note the range / speed of this vehicle is better than most low cost entries at Range / top speed: 112 miles / 62mph
    more news on EVs
  2. New cars are so ugly. I don't buy any cars built after 1973.
  3. WD40


    This battery problem happened to my Rav4 too.
    I did not realize the cause; I was puzzled and frustrated. Now that I understood what happened, I don't think I want to buy a Toyota again.

  4. From zencar's website:

    i wouldnt exactly bet the entire networth on its stock just yet... :p