The next American Home Mortgage

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  1. I just looked at the puts on AHM and the gains today were simply insane. So Im giving you the opportunity to vote for which company will be the next AHM. I am suspecting IMB might be next!!!
  2. CORS
  3. zdreg


    one of the question you might ask is why did so many people miss ahm which still was considered to be the blue chip of the industry while nfi etc. was falling through the floor?
  4. Maybe because they have American in the name.

  5. Because very little of AHM's business was in subprime loans. AHM was big in Alt- A. It was originally thought that the mess would be "contained" to just subprime. Obviously it isn't.
  6. There are a lot of AltA loans out there that are even worse than subprime loans.

    I wrote about all of this months ago on another thread so I won't repeat it all, but in general there was fraud being commited all over the place.

    Conventional loans, alt-a, subprime...from the mtg brokers, to the RE appraisers.

    CFC, NCC, FMT I wouldn't be surprised to see more downside on these.
  7. uptik knows the score.
  8. amazing. I had been short in this stock last week and thought the best was over, boy was I wrong *hits self on head*

    it's been on for the past 2 weeks or so.
  9. other great shorts here: bzh, ohb, imh, fbc
  10. I witnessed the fraud with my own eyes.
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