The next 3 years will be h-ll on earth

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  1. Important: the next 3 years will be h-ll on earth

    As the elite bankers push us towards a new world order. The pace is picking up.

    Any country who does not give in will be bankrupted/invaded or otherwise forced into submission

    Maybe you've noticed the trillions in dollars stripped away from America in the past few years? That whas the goal of the "Crises" like the War of Terrror, Subprime/mortgage crisis, housing crisis, $USD crisis, the high oil prices & food crisis.

    That's why the banks are going broke: THERE IS NO MORE MONEY it was all transfered out of the country.

    And did you forget that Iran is selling oil in EUROS not $USD now? They are being punished for that.

    The war/crisis that was started between Georgia and Russia, that area is very important for oil and oil pipelines. New order out of a crisis.

    For goodness sake even a 6 year old could understand this. Too bad our
    Tee-vee news is delivered at a 5 year old's level...

    The population is kept distracted by sports, beer, and hooked on illegal and legal drugs as this power grab is occuring.

    Some say we will be divided into 3 main trade zones: Americans, Asia, and we alreay have the European Union.

    A move to a cashless society is certain, the credit card companies are already prepared for it. So much easier to control money if it's just a number on a computer screen. A few clicks and it's done.

    Our Internet will move toward a level of control as seen in China - we will have to swipe a biometric ID in order to use a public terminal, and so on.

    War: always war. The "undesireable" populations in 3rd world countries wo do not buy into this will be reduced by famine and diesese. AIDS doing a good job of that. If you really think this designer disease came from a'll believe anything. What do you think decades of bio warfare research has accomplished - nothing?

    Skyrocketing commodity prices will do the rest. Ask yourself, with the amount of resource riches in places like Sierra Leone, Sudan, etc why are these not prosperous countries? The answer is, Western companies have invaded and control these resources.
  2. "When the missionaries came to Africa
    They had the Bible and we had the land.
    They said "Let us pray." We closed our eyes.
    When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land."
    Bishop Desmond Tutu.
  3. Actually, they were living in trees and starving. Their main export was other africans. Europeans turned africa into a continent that could feed itself for the first time. Independence is slowly restoring the status quo ante. Look at zimbabwe. Once the breadbasket of africa, now totally dependent on food aid.
  4. "The next 3 years will be h-ll on earth"

    it's already late, the average person deserves hell
  5. I guess I should back it up with facts.

    Here's a link with proof that Israel started the latest piece of WW2 with Russia. Of course USA will be sucked in to help with WW3.

    September 11th has Israel's fingerprints all over it, and who else gained from it? Some people living in a 3rd world country? Hardly, the war machine is immenesly profitable and our propaganda on TV only drives us into Israel's insane death cult holy wars.
  6. worry less about izzie and more about your collapsing currency.

    If the US goes, Canada will starve.

    How much moose carcass can you eat?
  7. I guess western Canada will just have to survive on whatever moose carcass it can scrounge up, and a metric shitload of oil.