the newbie is still around

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trudd, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. trudd


    scared? nah! I'm learning, reading, and putting in some time towards a much needed education.

    will I make it as a day trader? I'm not sure I have that much guts, only time will tell.

    I really have enjoyed the time I have spent reading all your posts, and the journals are very insightful.

    one last thing, I appreciate all the help that has been coming my way. when I first started to look into investing a few years ago, most people said the word "daytrader" like it was some kind of curse word. you have changed my opinion, for I thought all daytraders were ruthless scoundrels. I'm glad to say I was dead wrong :D
  2. mark1

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    gee, glad to hear there's still people with a heart out there.
    I wish you the best my friend!:)