The New Zimmerman Case

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  1. Robert Zimmerman, Jr. compares Georgia baby killer, De’Marquise Elkins, with Trayvon Martin.
    Media immediately tries to spin Rober Zimmerman as a racist.

    CNN’s Sunni Hostin On Robert Zimmerman Jr.’s Racist Tweets: ‘Two Sides To Every Story’

    This case in Georgia is already a media circus. Recent developments include the mother, sister, and aunt of the murderer, De’Marquise Elkins, being arrested for hiding the weapon after the crime and obstructing justice. This is especially interesting because the aunt appeared regularly in the media claiming that poor De’Marquise is innocent and had nothing to do with the crime - after hiding the gun from the shooting of the baby.

    Other developments include 'Brunswick City Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem, James Henry Brooks Sr., has been arrested and held without bond for influencing a witness and received a bond of $1,256 for an obstruction of justice charge.'

    The developments today include claims from the black community that the mother had the baby shot for the insurance money.

    This case shortly IMO will be a full-blown circus like the Zimmerman case.
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    Max E.

    This happened a week ago, here is the interview with douchebag piers morgan.

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  3. For those who will shortly appear on this thread and claim that De' Marquise Elkins is innocent and never commits any crime...

    'Elkins is also being charged with another failed robbery that happened earlier this month. On March 11th, he allegedly pointed his gun at Wilfredo Calix-Flores, demanding his cell phone and wallet before shooting Flores in the arm.

    Coincidentally, this was reportedly the same gun used to kill the 13-month-old.

    Elkins received attempted robbery and assault charges as a result.'

    IMO the death penalty can not happen quick enough for this criminal if the charges involving murdering the baby are proven in the court of law.
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    Somebody remind me why that POS Piers Morgan is in our country.
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    Because Obama won't honor the petition to deport him.