The New York Times is so cute......

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    They think they are still relevant in today's world.

    New York Times calls McCain campaign 'appalling'
    Posted: 03:11 PM ET

    From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

    The New York Times issued a critical assessment of McCain's campaign.
    (CNN) – The New York Times issued a renewed scolding of John McCain in a sharply-worded editorial Wednesday morning, the latest salvo in the ongoing back-and-forth between the paper of record and the Arizona senator's White House bid.

    "Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin have been running one of the most appalling campaigns we can remember," the Tuesday editorial said. "They have gone far beyond the usual fare of quotes taken out of context and distortions of an opponent’s record — into the dark territory of race-baiting and xenophobia. Senator Barack Obama has taken some cheap shots at Mr. McCain, but there is no comparison."

    Those comments come two weeks after senior McCain advisors derided the New York Times, calling the news outlet "an Obama advocacy organization" in response to an article in the paper that reported McCain campaign manager Rick Davis was still profiting from failed mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

    The Times, McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said then, “obscures its true intentions — to undermine the candidacy of John McCain and boost the candidacy of Barack Obama — under the cloak of objective journalism.”

    Top McCain adviser Steve Schmidt also weighed in on the paper that endorsed McCain's primary bid, saying it is “150 percent in the tank” for Obama — a statement that drew a defiant response from managing editor Bill Keller, who said the paper is "is committed to covering the candidates fully, fairly and aggressively."

    The McCain campaign appeared to make its peace with the paper over the weekend, when aides to the Arizona senator and Palin herself both highlighted a Times story that investigated the relationship between Obama and 1960's radical William Ayers. That article, published October 3, concluded Obama has played down the extent of his relationship with the Weather Underground founder, but concludes the two "do not appear to have been close."

    But in its blistering editorial Wednesday, the paper's editors criticized the campaign and the Alaska governor for suggesting Obama is "palling around with terrorists," saying that Palin is implying that "Mr. Obama is right now a close friend of Mr. Ayers — and sympathetic to the violent overthrow of the government."

    “We certainly expected better from Mr. McCain, who once showed withering contempt for win-at-any-cost politics," the editorial says.

    Earlier: Cindy McCain says Obama running 'dirtiest campaign' ever

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  2. Mccain is a real piece of shit

    You can't tell the difference between a Palin rally and a Klan rally
  3. Liberals are mentally ill
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    And your side is brain dead. Ill is better than dead any time.

    Bottom line: you've given us 8 years of the worst president in history. Nothing you whine about can top that.

    Your president is so horrible, for the first time in US history, you didn't even want him at your own convention. So don't talk any crap about how he isn't the worst one ever.
  5. Libtards need to stop wasting their money on liberal rags. I recommend boycotting liberal rags, you can read them for free in the donut shops anyhow and basically, if you've read one you've read them all.... heart wrenching stories about the widow of an illegal alien that died on the job and how she only gets $557 and she should be getting $583.... Bush bashing that nobody believes anymore... and ads for massage parlors, I nearly forgot the massage thingy....
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    You wish.

    If you reichtards can still bash Carter after all this time, there'll be decades of legitimate Bush bashing to come, and constant reminders that conservatives backed him ALL THE WAY.
  7. partisan or not mccains campaign is getting pretty nasty.
  8. I don't mind opposing viewpoints-just another reason I'm not a Democrat-but partisan stupidity and factual errors bug the shit out of me. Rarely do you post something either compelling or accurate.

    Bush isn't the first President "unwanted" at his Party's convention. Lyndon Johnson didn't attend the 1968 convention in Chicago. For obvious well chronicled reasons.

    I realize that in modern life everything is now the "best" and "worst" of all time. We're a nation of fucking teenagers. Few things happening are the "worst" of all time.

    Is this the worst war of all time? Iraq's not even the worst war being fought at this moment. And as far as American wars it's NOT EVEN CLOSE to the horrors of Vietnam. The second someone says Iraq is the "worst" I know I'm conversing with an idiot.

    Is unemployment ANYWHERE NEAR the worst?

    Is this stock correction anywhere near the worst?

    Is the real estate break the "worst"? Prices are all the way back to...drum roll.....2004 levels.

    Are interest rates anywhere near their highest? No they're actually near their lowest.

    Is crime anywhere near it's worst? Multi-decade lows.

    Is poverty anywhere near it's worst? Not in years.

    Are racial tensions anywhere near their worst? Rioting in the streets? No?

    Yes we have a high national debt, skyrocketing entitlements, an unending appetite for military commitments and porous borders. I haven't heard Obama so much as MENTION these issues. And you guys have the nerve to call a candidate McSame......
  9. We're shrinking in fear!!

    The Peanut farmer guy, I lived through that mess.... I used to change jobs as often as underwear to beat inflation... I went to a boss, talked about a raise once, got back to him in two weeks, he had blown it off, I went out to lunch that day and got my raise down the street, never even said goodbye, assholes thought we were going to sit there like fixed income dying people... you'll learn eventually...
  10. Back to topic. I'll proudly feel I contributed to American society if I take out the New York Times someday. By the time I'm organized and equipped to target such enemies of humanity the NYT will already have been extinguished by the ultimate arbiter. Free markets. They're toast.
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