The New York Times - and Foreign Currency.

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    February 20, 2006

    SouthAmerica: The New York Times published an article on February 19, 2006 “The case for fewer but stronger currencies” by Daniel Gross.

    The above author probably had the opportunity to read some of my articles that I posted a copy on this message board on May 26, 2005 at:

    My articles have been published on various newspapers and magazine since 1999 – but only now the American mainstream media such as The New York Times are finally catching up regarding this subject.

    This author quoted in The New York Times even some of the same people that I quoted on my article years ago. But if you read some of my articles you will have a better understanding about the point that this author is trying to make on this particular article.

    I was surprised that he did not mention on his article two countries: Argentina and Brazil.

    Argentina wrecked their economy when they tied their currency to the US dollar. And regarding Brazil I am the only person that I know of who has been writing and recommending that Brazil adopt the Euro as its new currency.

    But right now might be the wrong time for Brazil to adopt the Euro – Brazil should wait another year or two – since Brazil is enjoying such a good ride against the US dollar – the US dollar is losing a lot of its value against the Brazilian currency – and at the same time Brazil is selling everything in sight to China – and Brazilians are able to pass large price increases on many commodities to the Chinese – and at the same time China’s currency is fluctuating just a little bit against the US dollar.

    This is a win – win situation for Brazil, and hopefully if this game can go on for another 2 years then Brazil would be able to pay all its debts outstanding in US dollars.

    Right now the “Sucker” in this game is the United States since the US is playing the game on credit. (The US is borrowing a ton of money from the rest of the world to keep its economy afloat.)


    Since 1999 I wrote and published at least 10 articles about: Why Brazil should adopt the Euro as the Brazilian new currency. Here are some articles about the Brazilian currency and its address on the web:

    June 2002 - “The Euro Now”

    June 2003 – “Should Brazil Adopt a New Currency?”