The New York Giant Are Going to Kick The Patriots' Asses!!!

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  1. And so it shall be.

    Easy line.
  2. Another idiot predicting a Pats loss this season, just so that they can say. "Told You So", "Told You So", "Told You So".


    IMO, this will be one of the easier Pats wins of the season. The cherry on top of the cake! Giving Bill B. 2 weeks to prepare for a team they just beat recently (in their own house), in an environment that is good for a great passing team, with a backup running game that has blossomed recently, and a defense that bends but doesn't break in the red zone, I'm expecting the line to be obliterated.
    N.E. 40something, N.Y. teensomething
  3. 27 - 20 Giants.

    See ya' Monday, mac. Bring large bills. :cool:
  4. "The ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to explain why the league destroyed evidence related to spying by the New England Patriots.

    In a stretch of 12 days, from Sept. 9 to Sept. 20, the Patriots were caught filming the New York Jets' defensive signals in violation of NFL rules, ordered to hand over all tapes of illegal filming to the league office, fined $750,000 and made to forfeit a first-round draft pick.

    Then the NFL announced it had destroyed the evidence.

    Goodell levied the most severe penalty in league history on the Patriots — the loss of a first-round draft pick, a $500,000 fine for coach Bill Belichick and a $250,000 fine for the team. The league said the penalty was for the Patriots' "totality of conduct" and not simply for the Jets game."

    "The reason I destroyed the tapes is they were totally consistent with what the team told me," Goodell said. "It was the appropriate thing to do, and I think it sent a message.

    "The actual effectiveness of taping and taking of signals from opponents — it is something done widely in many sports. I think it probably had limited, if any, effect on the outcome of games. "

    Does this add up?

    the tapes had "limited, IF ANY, effect on the outcome" but we levied the biggest fine in history.... c'mon, i ain't that stupid :D
  5. So, the tapes got destroyed just after the whole thing came down in week 1, and a stupid, bitter Eagles fan Senator decides a few days before the Super Bowl that he wants to stir up the shit and waste taxpayers money on this crap. Heck, why don't we hold hearings on why Moss gets open so easily, or why players from other teams guarantee that they are going to beat the Pats, and curiously never seem to do so. The Pats are 18-0 (soon to be 19-0). Stop whining and accept the fact that they are a great team on the verge of making (more) NFL history!
  6. Lookin' good, Giants.
  7. Well... I don't know if I would quite say the Giants are 'lookin' good' here. 'In the game' maybe. I do hope the Giants can win it.

    A 3 point lead on the Pats isn't exactly a lock.
  8. ....Giants will have their destiny in their own hands. If you had asked them before the game if they would take this, they would have said 'all day long'.
  9. Oh My God!! Manning almost on the ground, how did he escape?
  10. watching the odds change on betfair, at least as interesting as the game.
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