The NEW "Yes We Can" America

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    America is a place where very soon most adult people will not work, where presently most youth- especially blacks- have no interest at all in hard work and education. They see other people with money and want it, that's all they know. Those who can't work, the disabled and elderly believe that they are entitled to unlimited health care benefits simply because they live in the USA.

    The rule of the stupid, the lame, and the lazy has arrived. The 'yes we can' is referring to yes they now can vote themselves other people's money.

    In some ways I feel sorry for the working and producing democrats. They are well meaning but so naive to think their fellow dumb demo cohorts, the inner city and union folk, have any intention of really rolling up their sleeves. They are so naive to think that economic equality with people whose IQ is less than 100 is desireable or achievable.
  2. This is the entire premise of the Progressives and Democrats. In their hearts, they must understand it's nothing but THEFT. How could they not?

    That's why... virtually everything a Democrat says IS A LIE! Every time I hear one of them say something, I just want to smash them in the face with a brick. (Just as I wanted to do to Vladamir Posner when he was the mouthpiece to the west for Pravda. Remember him?)
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    What is amazing is that they turn this argument around and it actually works on their dumb constituents. How many times have you heard 'off the backs of the poor' or 'wealth transfer from the lower class'?

    To believe the latter you must believe that somehow all those poor people were once rich and their wealth was taken from them by nefarious means. We all know they never had anything nor do they produce much, but this moronic argument keeps being put forth.

    'off the backs of the poor' or 'stealing form the poor'- now there's a good one, off the backs of people who mostly don't work.
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    There are presently 5.5 job seekers (one guy's short) out there for every open job. Lazy employers, not wanting to work and sell those jobs to all the customers who want to buy one!
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    Right, employers are lazy for not hiring... makes a lot of sense there... but so what anyway? I didn't say everyone doesn't want to be a real producer, I said the people who don't give a damn are coming up fast and are the ones who look for political solutions to their problems instead of really trying to create something.

    110 Million non-farm, non-gov't workers, only about half of whom pay significant taxes, some of whom pay negative taxes

    So about 60 million taxpayers versus:

    22 million gov't workers
    57.96 million people on either SSI or SSID, also will need medicare
    60-100 million on medicaid depending on how the new law shakes out
    5 million welfare recipients

    and the ratio is set to get worse.
  6. Who would start a business or hire new workers when Obama/Pelosi are so clearly targeting them? Forced unionization, onerous medical expenses, vastly increased taxes, legalized illegals nby the millions, etc.

    The other aspect of it is that our economy ran for years at an unstainable rate due to excess leverage. It will take years, maybe decades, to adjust to a sustainable rate. That will be a lost generation for many, similar to what happened in the 1970's although probably far more extreme.
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