The "New" Wall Street Journal

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by lindq, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. lindq


    As expected, the Wall Street Journal now being jammed with ads as per Murdoch.

    New masthead coming for 2008: McJournal

    Does Murdoch really think his readers are going to enjoy paying $300+ annual subscription fees while having to wade through a bunch of crap to read the news?

    Not this one.

  2. do you have image of this new format?


  3. WSJ and Barrons Customer Service Dept. is a total joke.

    Try getting your online version ( a total mistake ) delivered to your door.....
  4. What are you paying $300/yr for? I have paid $99.00/yr the last 2 years for the WSJ (includes online version).
  5. Yea, you are paying too much. I have the three year deal for $149 plus online free (which I never use). Same deal with Barrons.
  6. Everytime I change pages using the wsj/online I get that stupid f`n survey wont stop....must have closed it 20x already today. I mailed then and told them they are gonna lose me if it happens one more time.

    Suitable alternatives anyone?

    I guess $99 bucks a year for online access is way too cheap..i`ll gladly double it to stop the pop ups!
  7. LOL, I checked the wsj online, clicked OK for the survey (expecting questions about formatting and topics etc. due to the new ownership)....first 4 questions were about what kind of booze you knew about or liked, LOL...what a stupid joke.