the new mclaren mercedes mp4-18

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Atlantic, May 21, 2003.

  1. the new toy for the boys
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  3. maxpi


    The new Ferrari took the points last race.

  4. right - so it's time for this babe to get ready for the track.

    so far mclaren drove this season with the mp4-17d

    here's a pic of the ferrari f2003-ga
  5. jester

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    ............the Ferrari (new model) is SOOOO Suhhhwheeeeeetttttt

    And Schumacher is GOD!!!!!!!!!

    McLaren-Mercedes make me laugh!:p

    Quote from, "2000 - 2002 Ferrari enters a period of total domination, winning Drivers' and Constructors' titles three years in a row. "

  6. When is Ron going to blow out DC? Kimi is kicking his ass, again!
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  8. yeah - this was really "cool" - anyway - he won the race.