The new Isreal

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  1. Lets get Israel the hell out of that part of the world, it's stupid and dangerous for them to be there. Lets move them to the north part of California, there are millions of uninhabited acres there. Hell for the money we spend protecting giving Israel welfare we can buy the land help them build cities and give that shit hole of a country they live in now back to the Philistines. Problem solved. No telling how much more successful the Jewish people will be with their country in California. They could be like an Indian reservation except we wont commit genocide on them first. A true win win win situation. Palestine gets there shit hole part of the world they want, we stop wasting money over there, and California gets to greatly expand their tax base and the construction building the New "Isreal" will stimulate the state and our country. There isn't one down side to this solution.
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    How incredibly stupid of you.

    Israel should push the Gazans into the sea and push the West Bankers into the Jordan River. Problem solved.

    If the water thing is a problem then the Gazans could be displaced into Egypt and the West Bankers displaced into Jordan. Problem solved and everyone stays dry.
  3. LOL you are a very serious man aren't you.
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    Still haven't got laid I see.
  5. LOL no I havent but that has nothing to do with ol 377 being a humorless bastard.
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    Now wait a minute, I didn't say I was paying for it. :)

  8. Yes he is . . . . but he is progressing. :D .
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    Over in the birther thread you evidently did not realize which side of the issue I was on before you decided it would be clever to make some critical remark.

    You're in no position to make judgements about my posts or about me as you apparently don't possess the necessary comprehension to understand them in the first place. Take your misdirected value judgements, roll them up tightly and shove them deep Spiker.

    I don't "suffer fools gladly" and you are a damned fool.
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