The new hybrid system and scalping equities

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  1. what are some of the pros and cons to this new implementation? Will there still be market shorts? (size that keeps stepping down until it gets filled)
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    what happened?
  3. what?
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    what new system
  5. Oh you didn't know? Prepare to be shaken not just stirred.

  6. ?
  7. excellent thread ; I learned a lot so far !
  8. OMFG I'm going to print this whole thread and put in my binder!
  9. well, this was meant to be a constructive discussion as currrently, I scalp equities and was wondering how would things affect me when this takes place (which, according to the NYSE website, it will be completed soon).
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    I think I am going to like it, it will benefit people that trade more than 1000 shs because of the unlimited NX and the sweeping of the book. The stocks will move much faster. I do not think the new program will affect stocks that trade 1MM or less or greater than 15MM. As for market shorts, I think they are not going to be as good as they were before because everyone is going to be paranoid that I whole short is going to be lifted. As a result, people are going to screw the move up by upticking and getting out to soon.

    Nobody really knows, I guess we will all find out on Oct. 8 (?).
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