The New Economy and the Next Leg Up

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  1. Ken Fisher, who has notably predicted every major twist and turn in the market, has stated that we have bottomed.

    By the end of this year, we will be reaching new untold highs and the question is to why. Of course we have high oil prices, homes that have lost 30% of their value, credit crunches, mass layoffs, major investment banks going out of business and a generally sagging economy where 30% of its economists predict a recession.

    However, the next leg up will be lead by the New Economy stocks such as RIMM, GOOG, MELI and BIDU. These are the new order of stocks that will help the indexes reach new highs later in the year.

    So sit back and buy a little Google, buy some BIDU and welcome to rate cut 2008.
  2. Atleast you're bullish AFTER the 50% retracement, not before! :p
  3. RIMM, GOOG, BIDU are all technically broken charts. I may be wrong but they probably will not be leaders in a new bull market. I'd look for stocks that are close to/at new highs right now or at least ready to break out to new highs out of solid technical bases and patters.

    A few ideas from different sectors, maybe others can add more: FAST, GNA, HCBK, LUK, FFH, BNI, NUE, MA

  4. I have to disagree with you here. RIMM GOOG BIDU AAPL FSLR and other 'smartie' 'new world order' stocks have lead the market for years and will continue to do so. "broken charts' have a history of recovering really quickly.

    However, you can also invest in non-tech such as MOS POT MA V GLD OIL DBA EWZ FXI EEM and make tons of money.

    We are still in the new era of hyper capitalism and spendism. Web 2.0 is stronger than ever. Consumer spending is huge. We have millions of students maxing out credit cards. It is quite possibly one of the best time 2 buy stocks.

    Rising gold, falling dollar, rising oil, rising food, and rising gas prices are actually bullish for commodity stocks, industrial stocks, large cap tech, and multinationals. There is very little inflationThe . Boo hoo hoo gas prices too high? boo hoo hoo Food prices too high? Too bad. We are in the smartist era. No one cares if you are felling pain at the pump. Iraq war will continue for decades under the leadership of McCain and subsequent republicans. Democrats will never win the white house again. Obama will lose badly like Mondale.

    There is no recession except an imaginary, Obama generated one. The Obama lefties are the ones creating this fake recession. They also claim that there is a credit crunch and a liquidity crisis when there is no evidence of it.

    This fake credit crisis and recession is so painful. Make it stop. Goog up 90 points? Oh the agony.

    Dow 15K soon
    S&P 500 1700 soon
  5. Agree with you Mak...Rimm is the only one holding up out of stocks momo picks...Goog is just as likely to go down 20% next time they report, as it will probably give back half of what it gained anyway. Last years winners are rarely this years winners. stock you know what happened last time you made your "no bear mkt ever again" nailed the top.
  6. smartist?

    This is the dumbest most self-serving, other-sacrificing government and Federal Reserve we have ever seen...

    All for the benefit of a few...

    You may get your big stock rally...BUT, it will be to the detriment of 299 million Americans and their falling fishwrapper currency...

  7. It's a good article by Ken Fisher. However, he didn't say that "we have bottomed". Instead, he says that he's been bullish since 2002 and is still bullish. More importantly, he doesn't talk about "The New Economy". His recommendations are Toyota Motors, British Petroleum, JP Morgan Chase, and Abbott Laboratories.
  8. "On Mar. 13 Goldman Sachs (nyse: GS - news - people ) demoted market strategist Abby Cohen for having been bullish too long. <b>That day marked the bottom of the back half of what I think is a double-bottom whose first bottom was in January.</b>"

    Ken has a pretty good record in figuring out whats going on (not the best market timer as his company's returns show); when he isn't right, his timing is usually 3-6 months off. It is nearing that time so I would definitely pay attention. When 99% of media was calling for recession in june of 2006, he was one of the few I remember who were extremely bullish (not because he's a permabull but because he knew the hype was bs).
  9. He did say to get back into homeowners in early 2007...such names as BZR...

  10. I love the way Feds rear ended our shorts and bears out of this rally. It started with the Fed rate cuts and now its gathering steam on its own. What about those who said we will never make it? Where art thou?
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