The New Commodity Trading Systems and Methods by Perry Kaufman

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone got this in ebook formate, i.e. pdf or .doc

    I would buy it but I have checked most bookshops in madrid, living out here for the next 3 months...!!!

    And amazon cant get it out before xmas so this is why im asking...1!!

    The New Commodity Trading Systems and Methods
    by Perry Kaufman

    Cheers, J
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    If only you'd asked a few days ago. Just got back from New York and saw it in a bookshop there. Could have brought it back with me. :(
  3. Did Perry come up with all these new methods himself?
  4. really need that book...

    got some of my mates at bbg on the case....
  5. Unfortunately, Perry Kaufman (like all humans) makes mistakes, even when writing books. All four editions of his book Trading Systems and Methods contain mistakes. Some of these mistakes are in all four editions -- he never found them and never fixed them.

    For example, there is a gigantic whopper of a mistake in his discussion of "Nofri's Congestion Phase System". It's on page 132 of the 4th edition (p. 293 of the 3rd edition). You can find it by looking up "Nofri" in the index.

    This is what you will find. Rather surprising for a venerated guru like Kaufman.

    If prices have closed in the same direction for two consecutive days, take the opposite position on the close of day two, anticipating a reversal. Take profits on the close of the next (third) day. Probability of success = 75% and the Theory of Runs supports that figure. If there is a 50% chance of a move either up or down on day one, there is a 25% chance of the same move on the next day, and 12.5% chance on day three. Considering both commissions and variations in the distribution, an assumption of 75% is reasonable.

    Go ahead and spend 10 minutes building a simulation of this in Excel. You will find that Kaufman and Excel get very different results.
  6. u got the ebook or what?

    i just need the book....:)
  7. You will not find the 4th edition as an e-book... unlike the 3rd ed., it doesn't exist.

    Why not order it from Amazon -- France or UK or Germany?
  8. if i cant find i will order from amazon, just wanted it b4 xmas
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    Amazing that I can buy it in any bookshop in Bangkok but they don't have it in Madrid :D

    FYI it is just a (sometimes good) synopsis of various mainstream published methods and nothing more. I think it has value for anybody starting out as they get to see that there are trading methods beyond those perpetrated by the scribes and frauds although the usual suspects are also covered.
  10. i searched high and low, even went to the most popular financial bookshop...
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