The new CLK

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  1. I'm getting the new CLK (2003) model.

    What do you guys think? Worth it?

    Since I live in NY - I will get the 320, no need to pump gas in to a 5 - liter to burn it in traffic.
  2. :( :( I want that car so bad... :( Benz's are nice. When I'm done with the military I'd like to get the CLK, but may have to settle for a honda s2000 or something.

    The CLK 55 is nice... but a bit pricier. Convertible would be nicer. Can't go wrong with a benz
  3. i had the 2000 clk 320. it is an awesome vehicle ! the best mercedes made to date, imho. i highly reccomend it !!

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  4. I went to the dealer to look at a CLK 500 two weeks ago. There were a few things that changed my mind and made me less interested:

    1) It is very hard to distinguish this car from the other MB models, even down to the lowest C-class ones. Even the salesperson had a hard time finding the CLK on their lot amongst all of the other lookalikes. For $53000 I would want some differentiation.

    2) It had too many luxury gimics that cost way too much -- the funky cruise control thing, for example. And even the ones that were free, like the little robot arm that hands you your seatbelt, I found to be over the top.

    3) No manual transmission.

    It is a very nice car, though, if the above things don't matter to you.

    Good luck!
  5. that sounds kinda creepy.:eek:
  6. I know somebody that just took delivery of one. Awesome car. Much improved over past convertibles, great stereo, its got everything. The 320 is plenty powerfull, and you don't want a manual in a car like this. It is not a super macho sports car, its a refined babe cruising magnet for the slightly older guy with $$$. If you are caught pealing out at stop lights the MB police will find you and tell you that you aren't worthy and reposess the car :)
  7. Are you sure it was the new CLK he took delivery of? The convertible one won't be out for another few months at least.
  8. you must be referring to the brand new model correct? Cos there are convertible models out
  9. My fiance has owned a Kompressor for two years now and we love it. I went in to look at getting myself a CLK 55 (AMG) and got sidetracked. Now, I love my new 500 SL. :)
  10. good choice... but that choice costs 50 more grand

    have you heard about the new 55SL? It's faster than a 360 Modena.
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