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Discussion in 'Journals' started by ElectricSavant, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. EliteTraders and the "not gambling" Crowd,

    I trade Retail Spot Forex at Oanda. I have been trading (PICS) Positive Interest Carry System now for nearly one year with various baskets.

    I found the ten pair I trade currently from another public forum posting, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I liked these ten pair, because combined they are EUR neutral and nearly USD neutral.

    The name Cash & Carry was just something I named my spreadsheet, to get your attention and your readership. I do not like to trade alone.

    This is not really trading but simply sitting on these 10 pair and collecting interest. I try and make it more complicated than it is, cause I'm so bored.

    There may be only 2-3 trades per month, but payday is everyday 365 days a year. The interest is paid by Oanda daily on these pair that are held in the "positive interest direction". There is one pair that costs some money, but its needed to calm down the volatility of the system.

    The volatility of the system swings for and against with 15% (many times over the weekends, because of Oanda's widening spreads then). Most of the time it is in the negative unrealized profit area due to the spreads when entering. You start off losing before you can win...isn't that true in ALL trading? :)

    Last month (Sept 2005) the system made 20% ROI. But 10% a month is more realistic...not bad for a max 15% drawdown!

    Here is the before you get confused, please understand this is an Oanda platform I am using, and I only can answer questions accordingly. No, I do not know how you can trade it at CMC, Refco or the others.... You need "one unit trade increment", ability and daily interest injections.

    Updated daily between 14:00-17:00 mst: (please excuse this site, I am learning Java Script and HTML, slowly)


    If you want a free daily email of the spreadsheet, PM me. But remember I am not a vendor and treat me nicely.

    Michael B.
  2. Folks,

    Now I know all of you are confused. I am used to this. It's the normal reaction. You are programmed for trading..this is not trading! Trust me, I am used to this and I love to teach what I know and learn. I love to read here in ET and I have learned much here. I love to learn, research and ponder trading. New Systems and idea's are the fuel for the passion that I want to share.

    There are 2-3 trades a month....but all the pair are treated as one instrument or basket. The UnRealized P/L is the systems enemy! When trading occurs, its with all of the pairs.

    Remember that just because there are not any trades, does not mean the system does not get the extra bonus of the daily interest paid into the account.

    You need to reprogram a little and reverse what is in the italic's to this:

    Remember that just because there is interest paid daily, does not mean the system does not get the extra bonus of 2-3 trades a month paid into the account.

    As Unrealized floats around there is "sort of" an "Ebb and Flow" you will notice. It first goes negative by no more than 15% then it will peak and turn around into positive territory by an equal amount. If the system trades it will trade at the extreme deviations of these adds to in the neg...and takes profit in the pos. while taking increasing interest daily.

    Michael B.
  3. Ok this is EliteTrader...why post this investment grade trading here?

    Because you can make profit annually in triple percentage digits! So the daily injection of Interest together with the few trades puts this as a:

    TradeVest grade System

    This hybrid method of making consistent money EVERYDAY (365 days a year with real money added to your account daily) should be a nice compliment to your portfolios and be a great way to start "Retail Spot Forex" and to add Spot Currencies to your diversification.

    Michael B.
  4. Readers,

    As you read, do not try to figure out how I pick and weight the pairs. I do not foresee any changes to the pair traded or their weightings and this is not really an issue to concentrate your time on, you need me for something!

    Do not get lost in the spreadsheet either...

    You just enter the ten pair and sit....collect the interest and ask one question at a time (after about one month, the system is up to $8.34/day on under 3k invested and without trading)

    There is a rules tab and a faq tab in the spreadsheet. Take your time, you have the rest of your life. I have been trading most of my adult life and I do not plan on going anywhere soon.

    Michael B.
  5. The exposure tab has the 10 pair and the columns are colored for direction. (There are three shorts).

    Michael B.
  6. Just wanted to show you the zero exposure in the EUR...and the near zero exposure in the USD...

    Here are the exposures from the platform (if you do not get this...don't worry you do not need to):

    <img src=>
  7. Here are the current positions from the platform, based on Real Money on a Real Account that I am trading, holding and illustrating here in ET:

    <img src=>
  8. Here are the account stats (to keep me honest in the spreadsheet) and an example of weekend spreads:

    <img src=>

    Now before you folks go jumping up and down and say, " hey Electric the platform shows your realized P/L is down by $507.52"!!!!!!!!!!

    The platform does not report interest and deduct it from the realized. It is a separate thing. I lost money earlier last July when I was trying to scalp, I sucked, but I know how to scalp now, just not with Bollinger Bands!!

    anyways...The few trades that I do every month in Cash & carry will reduce this loss...but I have already recovered my losses from all the interest payments. You can see my entire Retail Spot Forex bank account from inception of my Forex Trading in the bank tab in the spreadsheet.

    I lay everything transparantly open for you to audit. Obviously, I am not bragging...look at how small these numbers are..but I am sure you can see the power in my recent trading and the possibilities...add zero's to everything and match it to YOUR size. any size can be traded as the Forex Market is very,very liquid and can take million dollar positions easily..

    Michael B.
  9. Hi ES,

    I see a lot of red in your running pl....and just one position actually showing profits.

    Have you just initiated those positions?
  10. Yes on the understand...praise the person might grasp this!!!!!

    hey lets hope it dips lower so on the rebound we can grab some tp

    #10     Oct 2, 2005
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