The New Business Friendlier - Fox Business Channel.

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    February 10, 2007

    SouthAmerica: On Friday, February 9, 2007 The New York Times published an article - “Fox to Begin a ‘More Business Friendly’ News Channel”.

    The article said: No one has ever accused CNBC, the cable TV home of Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow and Maria Bartiromo, of being antibusiness. Until now.

    Yesterday, Ruppert Murdoch confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in the media industry, that the News Corporation will start a long-awaited business news channel in the fourth quarter of this year. In doing so, he also took a shot at CNBC, the leading television business news outlet, vowing that the new channel would be friendlier to corporations….”


    I already can picture this new Fox Business Channel venture and the impact that they will have here in the United States.

    Here are some parts of the plans of Fox Business Channel in their effort of being friendlier to corporations operating in the United States.

    1) Slogan: They already have the new slogan for the new Fox Business Channel:

    “The only thing that matters is the bottom line”

    2) They will be 100 percent behind corporations such as Enron, and WorldCom – and they promise to show the news regarding such corporations only as long there is good news - after a scandal becomes public you are on your own since Fox Business Channel would not waste time with bad news.

    Why waste valuable time mentioning to the public information about frauds, accounting manipulations, back dating of information, cooking the books and so on… That is negative information and bad for business and completely against the main objective of the new Fox business Channel of providing only good news from corporations.

    3) Fox Business Channel will provide its viewers only with high quality information for example:

    None of that BS about “Global Warming” - but when there is a need to talk about that subject Fox Business Channel will provide to its viewers only the highest quality of information on that subject provided by the marketing department of the Exxon/Mobil Corporation.

    4) The Fox Business Channel will give all the support to American corporations on their effort in exporting to other countries every last good paying job available in the US economy.

    5) Fox Business Channel also will lobby very hard every US congressman and senator on behalf of US corporations to change some laws in the United States to be a little more business friendly – such as:

    A) To repudiate any labor laws in the US protecting child labor.

    B) To repudiate any laws that were passed to eliminate slavery in the United States.

    C) To eliminate any laws that protects the environment.

    D) To repudiate all the laws that created and sets the rules for a few government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    E) To eliminate all laws regulating pensions in the US and also unemployment insurance.

    F) To eliminate any part of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that might have a conflict with the bottom line of US corporations.

    G) After all these changes are done – Fox Business Channel will suggest an increase to the US defense budget to about 90 percent of the entire US Government budget – for the US government to be able to enforce the above changes against the American people as suggested by Fox Business Channel.

    H) Fox Business Channel also will supply the American government with ideas and some practical solutions for most problems for example:

    Since people will have no pensions to survive in the USA if they complain to the government the US government would give that person a one way ticket to Mexico and would not let that person return to the United States.

    If the person gets sick and need health care services – the US government would give to that person a one way ticket to Canada and also would not let that person return to the US.

    If any person is unemployed in the United States - the US government would provide that person with a job in the US Armed Forces and would give them the choice serving in Iraq or Afghanistan – and in the near future there will be even more choices to choose from such as Iran and North Korea.

    The major goal of the Fox Business Channel will be to provide simple and practical solutions as mentioned above.

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    i think they are going to have to come at it with more than this business block. I used to watch it but now I noticed I just TIVO it and fast forward through most of it. Its the same stuff, with the same views, and it just gets kind of boring. Then they bring someone in with a dissenting view and ridicule the person (instead of discussing the issue).

    I think if there was a channel that had strong personalities (so its fun to watch) but actually had substance (unlike Tobin Smith, etc) it would be good.

    Of all the shows I think the last one is best with the exception of when they all start yelling at each other.

    But alas, this is a Jerry Springer nation!
  3. Didn't Fox hire Alexis Glick to run this new channel? I thought I heard something along those lines. If so, I'm going to have to watch. Alexis was my favorite person on CNBC. Not only is she hot, but she actually is intelligent.
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to drmarkan

    Yes, they did hire her for this new venture.

    By the way, I agree with you on that one - Alexis is a very attractive woman.

    I just wonder why an intelligent woman like her would be working for an organization such as "Fox News."

    What kind of talking head would work for a propaganda organization such as "Fox News" - a TV channel disguised as a legitimate news organization.

  5. Well at least you have given the new channel a chance before condemning it. Although it isn't even on the air at this point. This really diminishes your argument when you do not even give the channel a chance to begin before vilifying it.

    I wouldn't say that CNBC is as far left as MSNBC is. MSNBC is just as much a propaganda machine as Fox News is. Hopefully if Fox's business channel is doing well, they can swing Rick Santelli and Art Cashin over there too. My hope is that they will choose some better talking heads than we currently see on CNBC. The professionalism has completely disappeared over there.
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    February 12, 2007

    SouthAmerica: I don’t have to wait to find out what kind of organization the new Fox Business Channel is going to be when Ruppert Murdoch - a “ruthless fascist” - controls that organization.

  7. Well, there goes that discussion.
  8. Roger Ailes is going to successfully steal away <b>most</b> of CNBC's market share- Just you watch. This is an official RM prediction.

    With <b>much</b> hotter babes than CNBC and slick & quick A.D.D.- MTV-generation style programming, Ailes is about to deliver just what the typical young businessman is looking for. CNBC will look stodgy, stale & slow by comparison.

    Poor CNBC... they don't even stand a chance. You'll see.
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    Drmarkan: Well, there goes that discussion.


    February 12, 2007

    SouthAmerica: That is the point of the entire discussion.

    We would not be having this discussion if someone such as “Ted Turner” were launching a similar Business channel.

  10. Hmmm, do you really think that CNBC's current audience is an MTV generation audience?

    Apart from traders and full time investors, who watches CNBC? Are they young people with money to invest, or are the demographics older?

    I think all we have to do to figure that out is watch the advertising on CNBC that is not actually stock related, see what graphics it appeals to. How many of the actors in the ads are MTV viewer types.

    Or maybe they do not do research on who their viewing market actually is...

    Oh, I am not denying the multiple flaws of CNBC, I am just not sure you are really clued into their audience demographics, maybe you are.

    Much of the success of a new venture may come from programming off hours that draws people in to watch the channel in the evenings, then decide to watch during the day. CNBC's evening programming is often not fit for even free access cable programming.

    Bottom line it is all about the ability to sell profitable advertising space, and that has everything to do with the demographics of the audience of these shows.

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