The New Bubble is already here. So big....It will inflate the financial economy.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jueco2005, May 21, 2009.

  1. After trillions and trillions of FED monetary expansion we can see the new bubble already flying over us like a giant bird. So big it will inflate the financial economy and consume the real economy from the inside out. When this bird spreads its winds we will be in a shadow of inflation, more debt, more government and maybe a "collapse".
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    I agree. It's already very visible. The collateral damage this time will be the dollar. Debasement of a national currency has been the downfall of many great societies of history.
  3. Stock market ( bubble, =>

    Real Estate/Credit bubble, =>

    T-Bond bubble, =>

    Print-money bubble, => ??
  4. What about the destruction of the credit bubble?
  5. This 'new bubble' is having a rough time keeping up with the 'new, great unwinding' so far.
  6. The reason we've had all of these bubbles lately, and will continue to have them, is because they are always net profitable to the financial industry. Speculators see the bubble forming, and invest heavily in it. This keeps the bubble growing rapidly. Many of these specualtors can tell when the bubble is near the peak or just starting it's inevitable decline and they either exit completely or short the bubble. So they are net profitable. The remaining financial companies, who are locked into the bubble or who were not smart at picking the exit point, take losses. However, the government will bail them out. So many companies that would have taken losses wind up breaking even. Since bubbles are a win-win for companies, we will continue to have them. It is the same as telling someone you will pay them overtime to complete a job they were supposed to do for regular pay whenever they fall behind on their job.