The New Brokerage Model....coming soon?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vaquero, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Vaquero


    Trader mins.....
    Trader puts up $1000 to $5000 tuition...
    Trader practices...via simulation..then small lots....
    Trader uses $50,000 buying power...then $100,000...
    Trader takes 85% profits...firm 15%....

    Love it....hate it ?????
  2. where do I sign up?
  3. marketsurfer

    marketsurfer Sponsor

    that is an interesting model. keep me posted on launch.


  4. ig0r


    Sounds pretty good, count me in ;D
  5. He-he, you need to tell the traders that they're trading live, but in fact it is an elaborate simulation. THEN you can test their psyche and move on to trading live.
  6. This sounds like a fair deal . Do you have remote trading ?
  7. Vaquero


    Mostly remote....bricks and mortar....add to trader costs...
  8. V,

    Just want to know, if those rates will be signed into a contract so that in a month or so time, the rates does not jump.

    Also, would like to know about the firm's privacy clause with respect to sharing what and how traders trade at the firm.

    I hate to look at the negatives, but in this industry you have to protect yourself.

    Patrick Q
  9. Vaquero


    The business model is moreless a talent filter...who's
    payout is similar to a hedge fund...

    There are no real barriers to is just that most firms
    of size would rather sell the "picks and shovels"...and will
    try to block this model to protect their models...

    Will post more info as this possibility evolves...There is always
    a chance it may not happen for some unforseen reason....

    Thank you for the feedback...
  10. Vaquero


    The profits are shared 85 % to the trader...15% to the company...afterall why would anybody want to be trading if they were not profitable...

    The company would be continually looking for people that have potential...and need what the company has to offer...

    The training is accomplished daily by intraday examples whose daily blotters are posted..reasons given for why the trades were taken...

    Naturally the lead trader is consistently profitable...whereas the developing trader is learning via simulation and small lots...

    The business model does not front end the all of the other brokerage models....

    This is a brokerage/hedge fund hybrid....whereby you are working for the company....
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