The New Batman Movie

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  1. Anyone see it yet? And, if so, how did you like it? I haven't seen it yet, but expect to do so soon.

    I didn't much like the 2005 movie, Batman Begins, because it redefined Batman just a little too much for my taste. I much prefer the 1989 Batman with Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. (Kim Basinger!)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Did someone say kim basinger?

    I felt a tickle in my ear.:)

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    I saw it Sunday night at 11:30 pm....way past my bedtime. I thought is was a solid movie. They hook you right from the get-go and don't let up until about half-way through the movie when there is a KICK-ASS chase scene that culminates with one of the coolest stunts I've ever seen. Reminded me of seeing Terminator 2 and the scene with the big rig/motorcycle chase. I realized how tense I was through the first half of the movie.

    Maggie Gylenhall always bugs me. I thought she was the weakest link.

    Heath Ledger was fine. His joker is pretty bad-ass actually.

    Had a few laughs which were well timed. Good pace. I liked the dark, more adult feel to this movie.

    I definitely, definitely recommend checking this one out. Go to a nice theater where you're not worried about some jackass talking. The late show was cool because there weren't any young kids around to fowl up the experience either.

    also, for the record, I dug Batman Begins also. Both are very good movies.
  4. Okay, I saw the new Batman movie. I still prefer the 1989 Batman with Keaton, Basinger and Nicholson. I think it is most loyal to the comic books I read as a kid. Tim Burton captured the gothic feel with precision. The soundtrack enhanced it. The latest movie's soundtrack, neither here nor there, was so loud it drowned out some of the dialogue. Admittedly, the storyline of the 1989 movie is weaker than that of the two Bale vehicles, but these two recent movies stretched Batman's origins out of proportion and fairly beyond recognition. Ninja training in Asia? Come on. Bruce Wayne living in an apartment building? Get real. The list goes on.

    Effectively, Batman has gotten a facelift of the variety where he is no longer recognizable apart from his costume. In an effort to update and modernize Batman (make him "currently relevant?"), they stole his identity. Too bad, since the storylines were otherwise fairly decent -- for a cartoon hero movie. If only they had the gothic feel and didn't stray so much...
  5. I loved the new Batman movie and the Joker was excellent.....just as disturbed and deviant as any globalist wealth entity slime.....LOL!!! :D
  6. I'm not saying it was or wasn't a good movie. It just strayed from its roots. The 1989 version was a studied effort to get it right. Even the Gotham City architecture was spot on.
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    yahhh .. keith ledger..RIP, was Jack Nicholsoness... superb !
  8. I was very dissapointed. The movie could have been shorter, the story line more cohesive and they should have left hot Maggie Gyllenhaal live. Ledger's performance was impressive though.
  9. i hear you loud and clear

    Keaton was best Batman ever!
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