The Never-ending FDIC Friday lounge

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  1. My hope is this thread can become an ET tradition, sorta like Black Monday. Every Friday we can speculate which bank will fail next.


    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 2 regional banks today. Maybe costing the FDIC a couple billion or so. WM is being pumped by the Fed so I might have to wait a few more months.
  2. huge ES selling volume into the close, people are certainly worried about holding over long weekend hehe
  3. Just some small shitty Georgian bank. 100% of uninsured deposits are safe :mad:
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  5. It's that time again.

    WM WM WM!
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    BKUNA might be a candidate for Friday 12 September:

    BKUNA announced that it received notification today that the Office of Thrift Supervision has reclassified the Bank’s regulatory capital status from well-capitalized to adequately capitalized although the Bank’s capital ratios exceed the statutory threshold for well-capitalized institutions. As a result, the Bank is subject to restrictions on accepting brokered deposits.
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    I think that's bank #12

    How many more to follow?

    I would say at least a few dozen more.
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