The need for speed

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  1. I use to evaluate my strategies through tradestation, however now I've basically re written tradestation in Delphi and now to all my development through them, which is a TON faster.

    I currently use a computer with 2 GB of RAM on XP. I was wondering if I upgrade to Vista and have the max... 8 GB of RAM, will that speed up things by 4X?
  2. I would suggest opening task manager when you have your computer loaded up and see what % of avail. RAM you are using. To gnome's credit, he talked me out of getting more than 1 gig of RAM, I don't auto trade and I use no more than 50%! The difference made, was getting the newer computer with a dual core processor at 2.0ghs. per processor. Makes a big difference over a single thread with 3.2ghz. I never see spikes to 100% CPU anymore. I am actually overclocking, just to try it, with RM Clock and now I really never spike to more than 50% CPU usage.

    Is your RAM dual channel. Mine is that may make a difference for you. :confused:
  3. i'm running my program right now and it's between 50 and 60 percent. So see what you mean getting more ram probably won't increase speed
  4. and I have a dual core processor... and am I SOL?
  5. Well, the question is, what will you gain by adding more RAM, if you are around 50%? Heck do it if you want. tigerdirect dot com and many others offer 30 day money back guarantees.

    You are probably just wanting more power and you may not really need it at all. You re-wrote them and they are faster so that's probably as good as it gets. Maybe someone with more exp. than I can assist. :cool:

    If you are using AMD try RM Clock and slightly overclock to power level 5 and see if you get a boost. I notice it a bit, but honestly I probably don't need it either.

    Edit: Quad core is coming soon I heard so just wait.
  6. wellI definitely appreciate the help.

  7. This is ominous. You've rewritten Tradestation ( +1 million lines of code), right ? Wow, you've gotta be at least masters or PhD level in CompSci, right ? If not, you've not done the proper (and complex) multi-threading programming necessary for a smooth-running realtime trading application.
  8. masters or PHD, no. Marketing major...I read a book on delphi. It wasn' that difficult although it was a lot of coding, and I don't consider myself that smart.
  9. there is always the need for speed!!
  10. Nah....great coding in software always, always outperforms faster hardware.
    Cases in point:
    1) quicksort vs. bubblesort.
    2) single-threaded vs. multi-threaded.
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