THe near actual holy grail of options and stocks

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    It actually does exist and I am looking for a programmer to help me make into something like wizetrade,but unlike wizetrade this is the real deal>97% accuracy. It consists of 4 indicator that are light years ahead of anything you have every seen in your life. 1. Top to bottom indicator that goes 0-100 2. The most accurate positive and negative divergence indicator. 3, One I call the profit indicator, It ranges from 1 to 30( what it is the average % movement for x amount of time) I use 10 days for short term and longer term I use 4-8 weeks. It is totally linear and >90% accurate>basically the high the profit number the more money you will make. 4. The holy grail Indicator is like having a laser dissecting the stock market. What it does is subtract the actual live buy and sell volume from each other and the buy and sell signal is a 3-5 ma cross over depending on the time frame. I trade the SPY options >in the last 7 weeks I have had 100% winners with 77-77 calls add puts making 200-5000%. Recent examples> buy signal at 136.10 on 8-2-2012(and by the way I also have a very accurate way of predicting at 1530 every day which way the spy will goes and by what%) my calculation for 8-2-2012 was 1.97% up while at 136.10 with a target of 138.88> so i got the weekly spy(8-3) calls> 137 for 0.24 and 138c for 0.09>sold the next day when spy hit above 139.50 for 2.65 and 1.65> on the 6-28-2012 spy reversal(while spy at 131.45>with a calculated move up of 3.3% making a target of 135.77) so I bought the 134c for 0.05> sold near close next day(6-29) for 2.55)> I can also predict earning,which the stock way will move and by what %. I have been doing a beta test on my option house virtual account since 11-7-2011>starting with 5k$> now at 1.48 billion $ with 98% wins on options> here is the account>
    Account Value $1,482,629,515.96 Portfolio Value $0.00 Cash Balance $1,482,629,515.96
    Margin Equity $1,482,629,515.96 Stock Buying Power $2,965,242,524.66 Cash Available to Withdraw $0.00
    Option Buying Power $1,482,621,262.33

    I can also predict the possible high and low of the day before the open with 90% accuracy.

    here are some graphs using the 1 hour holy grail indicator predicting spy reversal during the week.>

    play predicting bad earnings on mcp and a 25% move down>
    and the options I played with real money got 200 contracts of the mcy weekly 14 puts for 0.07.sold on 8-3 for 2.55>but this is that virtual account> with other earnings i played from 8-2 to 8-3>
    here was my earnings trade on that virtual account from the first 5000$>
    ADBE Nov 11 28.00 Put Sell To Close 243 1.27 Market Day Filled
    ADBE Nov 11 28.00 Put Buy To Open 243 0.2 Limit Day Filled

    GMCR 11 Nov 11 (W) 55.00 Put Sell To Close 214 7.3 Market Day Filled
    GMCR 11 Nov 11 (W) 55.00 Put Buy To Open 214 1.4 Limit Day Filled

    I have written(not pro wise) 180 e books on my system> if you would like 8-10 of them describing my trading system for free>email me @

    good luck, Lerogee Angel
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    Why would you need someone to program it for you and make it into a public service? Just open a real account with 10k and in a year you'll be living in a house of gold and f*cking a different supermodel every night...
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    5000% return in 7 weeks huh? Wish I could punch you in the face.

    BTW I used to subscribe to this guys newsletter, he's full of crap. The indicator is just some random off the shelf indicator and the returns are false.
  4. <<< 5000% return in 7 weeks huh? Wish I could punch you in the face. >>>

    Just don't hurt the super model!
    Oh wait, SLE pointed out we'd get a different one every week, so no big deal.
    Swing away!
  5. i love how all these billion dollar making systems are just being handed out by helpful people.. :) hahaha super models like to be punched in the face thats my experience.. they will love you forever.. its how to them good relationships work.. haha